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Raspberry Iced Tea

A Veritable Gourmet Experience
Raspberry Iced Tea
At the Southern Sweet Tea Company our selection of raspberry iced tea is every tea lover’s dream, combining a smooth and intense raspberry flavor with rich, delicious sweetness that soothes your cravings on a daily basis! With fruity, slightly sour notes, a prolonged aftertaste and just a hint of black tea, this iced tea will truly reveal its unique character with every sip!
Only Nature’s Best
This iced tea with raspberry is handmade using finest quality, carefully selected ingredients, a unique blend of natural raspberry flavors, pure water, pure sugar cane, with zero artificial colors, and is all natural.
Great for All Occasions
Preparing for the usual Sunday BBQ? Having friends over for dinner? Celebrating a special birthday or event? The Southern Sweet Tea Company iced tea selection is there for all your cherished moments, providing refreshing beverages for everyone! Great for camping trips, hikes, picnics, office, beach, pool or on the go!
What Makes Our Raspberry Tea Special?
⦁ Handcrafted in small batches for prolonged freshness
⦁ Only natural and safe ingredients, no nasties
⦁ Small family business with highest quality production standards
⦁ Hand picked tea leaves with pure water
⦁ Intense raspberry notes will soothe your cravings.


Our Customers

Our Customers